We are capable of building, repair, refurbish, and maintain various types of ships to meet different demands from our clients.
  1. Multidiscipline steel work, piping and mechanical construction
  2. Ship building
  3. Ship Repair, Refurbishment and Maintenance
  4. Engineering, fabrication and construction

Our Services Include:

  • General ship repair work
  • Ship building of various tugboats and barges
  • Ship building – conversion of FSO/FPSO/Jackup Rig

General HRSG Inspection

A visual survey of the general HRSG condition, external casing, internal gas-side mechanical parts and auxiliary equipment. Readily accessible pressure part components are visually inspected. HFS recommends performing such a general inspection in addition to the basic inspections stipulated by local regulatory requirements. Time frame requirement: 2 – 3 days HRSG accessibility.

Aligning HRSG Inspections for Optimized Availability

In order to prevent forced outages, periodic inspections should be conducted during scheduled outages. This allows the identification of component damage in the earliest stages – when there is still time to schedule a cost-effective repair.

HFS recommends a general inspection every 1 to 2 years and a more detailed inspection every 3 to 5 years. In order to optimize the overall plant availability, it is important to align these inspections with those of the gas turbine. Therefore, the detailed inspection should coincide with a gas turbine planned outage, e.g. the major or hot gas path inspection.

Detailed HRSG Inspection

Includes all the general inspection steps plus a more detailed visual inspection of all accessible pressure parts. This visual inspection will identify any areas of concern that require subsequent non-destructive examination (NDE) to be performed by HFS qualified NDE technician. Time frame requirement: 4 – 6 days HRSG accessibility.

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